About Us

Whizz is one of the largest E-commerce retailers in the United Arab Emirates offering more than 1.5 million products across various categories and brands that you were always dependent upon from your home country.

The founders of Whizz are British Expats living in Dubai who decided to launch Whizz.ae in order to provide products and brands that are not readily available in the country.  In fact, as expatriates, they clearly understood how frustrating it can be when the products that you were familiar with back home were not available in the shops, malls and even online in Dubai which came as a surprise since Dubai is well-renowned for its shopping!

Having lived in the UK, we quickly realized that there was a lack of products and variety in Dubai from the UK. Similarly, expats living here from other countries such as USA, Canada, India and European countries were in a similar situation where they find it difficult to get their hands on many products and brands from their own countries.

However, this is the gap that Whizz.ae has filled since being established in 2015 simply because we understand that it's never easy to adapt to products and brands locally that really can't compare to the quality and functionality of the range of products you were accustomed to. Whizz works alongside Middle East Infoway which is a well-established technology company in Dubai with a successful history of delivering, supporting and maintaining outstanding e-commerce solutions and online retail platforms.

There is no need to settle for a sub-standard product or brand when Whizz brings your favourite products and brands to you!