Payment Information

Payment Methods

Currently we accept the following credit cards for payment:

  • VISA Credit Card
  • VISA Debit Card
  • Prepaid VISA card
  • MasterCard Credit Card
  • MasterCard Debit Card
  • Prepaid MasterCard
  • Diners Cards
  • Discover Cards

Do you support international cards?

Yes, you can use any credit card or debit card with an official Visa or MasterCard logo on the front of the card. All charges to your card will be made in AED, so if your card is issued in another country, your bank may charge you a currency conversion or exchange fee.

Do you accept Cash on Delivery?

We do not accept cash on delivery. However your purchases are 100% secure on our website as we ensure that all information about your payment is secured with SSL. In fact you are also protected automatically by your bank when you use your card for payment since all banks and credit card providers offer full consumer protection which protects you from fraud.

We also have an excellent returns policy so that you can return an item if the need arises.

Should you wish to use cash, you can obtain a prepaid internet shopping card at various banks, supermarkets and petrol stations around the United Arab Emirates.

Why do I see a small charge of approximately AED 3.65 - AED 3.79 when I attempted payment?

When someone attempts a payment, our payment processor sends a request to your issuing bank for either a $0 or a $1 authorization (depending on what is permitted by your bank) which is simply used to verify that the card is issued and your bank will allow authorization. Regardless of whether a payment authorization is approved or declined, this authorization charge is reversed immediately. However, even if the bank declines the authorization, some people may still see the authorization charge on their card statement and/or they may receive an SMS. The important thing to remember is that this is not an actual charge, and it will disappear from your statement very soon. Depending on the bank's system, this will be automatically removed from your statement anytime from a few minutes to a few weeks.