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Book: Paperback 19 - 06 - 2021

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Product Description The fourth edition of this textbook has been thoroughly revised in order to reflect the central role which geodesy has achieved in the past ten years. It follows the principal directions of geodesy, providing the theoretical background as well as the principles of measurement and evaluation methods. Review "The book is thoroughly revised and extended with the important results achieved in the years since the last edition (2001). The section on Satellite Observations has been extended with descriptions of the current missions like GRACE and GOCE. Geodynamics is well treated in an extended chapter on "Structure and Dynamics of the Earth". The book contains an extensive bibliography with 500 references added since the edition of 2001.[..] But what is extremely important is the index, which makes the book useful as a handbook for everyone. The book also includes many fine figures and illustrations, now also in color. [..] It is a wonderful book with so much important information covering all of modern geodesy."Carl Christian Tscherning in: Journal of Geodesy, 86, p.786(2012) About the Author Wolfgang Torge and Jürgen Müller, University of Hannover, Germany.

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