Leading Rune authority Nigel Pennick unravels the mystery of the runes, in this fabulous full color book with 250 photos and step-by-step instructions for casting and reading.A rune may look like nothing more than a rock with a symbol etched into it. But according to The Complete Illustrated Guide to Runes, a rune is "literally a mystery containing the secrets of the inner structure of existence." Against a backdrop of vibrant, full-color photography and graphics, Nigel Pennick presents a comprehensive overview of rune history and usage, starting with its ancient roots and leading into a brief section on divination techniques. Pennick (author of Celtic Sacred Landscapes and The Pagan Book of Days) is foremost a European folk historian, so his orientation is more anthropological and cultural than instructional. Readers who want specific divination advice may want to start with The Book of Runes. --Gail Hudson

Complete Illustrated Guide to Runes

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