Al Denson presents this chorus book and companion products to provide everything for the musical activities of youth meetings. This book contains 27 popular songs and is divdided into three sections of nine songs each: lively "crowd breaker" choruses to get the youth involved, "praise" choruses for transition and "worship" choruses for quiet reflection. Songs include: All That I Need (My Only Hope) * Awesome God * Cares Chorus * From the Rising of the Sun * Give God a Hand * God's Not Dead * He Paid a Debt He Did Not Owe * His Strength Is Perfect * Holy, Holy, Holy/Holy, Holy/Holy Is the Lord * How Majestic Is Your Name/Great Is the Lord * Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord * I Am * I Like Bananas * In Moments Like These/Isn't He? * Jesus Is a River of Love * Jesus Is a Rock * Jesus Is the Answer/Seek Ye First * Jesus Is the Lord of the Way I Feel * Lean on Me * Oh, What You've Given Me/Come, Let Us Reason * Open My Eyes * Shut De Do * Sing Hallelujah * Stand Up And Shout If You Love My Jesus * The Lamb Is Worthy * We Are Standing * You Are My Rock

Youth Chorus Book, Volume 1

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