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Royal Pink Guest Check Board, 1 Part Booked with 15 Lines, Package of 10 Books
Royal Pink Guest Check Board, 1 Part Booked with 15 Lines, Package of 10 Books
Royal Pink Guest Check Board, 1 Part Booked with 15 Lines, Package of 10 Books

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Royal Pink Guest Check Board, 1 Part Booked with 15 Lines, Package of 10 Books

Product ID: 1827

Condition: New
  • CONVENIENT SIZE: Each pad has 50 checks. Small and lightweight enough for servers to comfortably carry. Paper is economical and lightweight. Book size is 3.5" x 6.69".
  • LINED PAGES: Each page has conveniently spaced lines, perfect for easily keeping track of each person's order! Restaurant staff are able to complete their jobs more professionally. There is space at the bottom for recording tax and the total order amount.
  • BETTER THAN MEMORY! These checks offer menu prompts, which helps servers relay information to the kitchen with ease. Menu prompts help avoid mistakes and lead to improved customer satisfaction! Encourages repeat customers!
  • STYLE: These guest checks are in a one part book style. The book is held together with staples. A perforated edge at the top of the paper makes it easy to tear away without damaging the paper or the information. The book is composed of pink check pages with no carbon copies.
  • HELPFUL FOR KITCHEN STAFF! These server pads help kitchen staff keep track of orders, the number of guests in each party, and who is responsible for each table.

Original Product Guaranteed – Imported from USA

Using Royal Pink Guest Checks is an easy way to improve order accuracy and leave your customers feeling satisfied. By using an order pad, serving staff do not have to commit customers' orders to memory. This is particularly helpful when customers are part of a large group or have special requests or substitutions. When customers receive what they ordered, they are much more likely to be happy with their meal and service. This will lead to repeat business and more revenue for your restaurant.

These server pads come without carbon copies. The sheets are attached to a cardboard backing with staples. To remove a sheet from the server pad, tear along the perforated line at the top. Each page contains helpful headings and menu prompts for serving staff. Servers are easily able to write down what each customer requests for appetizers, soup/salad, entree, vegetables/potatos, desserts, and drinks. Each page has 15 lines, making them ideal for large groups or detailed orders. These pads are small and lightweight enough to slip into an apron pocket, providing easy and convenient access.

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