Our Restaurant Menu Covers are ideal for a restaurant looking for a stylish and customizable way to present its menu. They come in two different sizes: 8.5 x 11 and 8.5 x 14. They also come in two different colors: black and brown, and in three different lengths: 2 view, 4 view, and 6 view. Restaurants will choose this menu cover if they need something personalized or customized. The padded faux leather material on the outside is designed for a custom logo. Compared to other menu jackets, they are priced at a substantial discount. They are ideal for a restaurant on a tight budget who wants to save money by buying wholesale. Restaurant Discount Warehouse offers advantages over other wholesalers, because we don'trequire our customers to buy in bulk. An establishment that only needs one case of restaurant menu covers may buy just one.

Menu covers, Padded Faux Leather 6 View - 8.5 X 14, Black

Condition : New
Standard Shipping: 10 to 15 days
  • Manufacturer : Restaurant Discount Warehouse
  • Model : K4DB