This title offers guidance and practical advice to parents and children when choosing a more unusual family pet. The term "exotic" traditionally refers to those creatures unfamiliar to the general pet-keeping public, but gradually more and more people are choosing unusual pets, especially since these pets, in many cases, offer low maintenance, low allergy, space-saving alternatives to traditional pets. All the animals included in the book are widely available from captive bred stocks in the UK, Europe and the USA. They are divided into four sections - Amphibians, Reptiles I (Lizards and Tortoises), Reptiles II (Snakes) and Invertebrates. The book offers the reader unusual facts, cautionary warnings and practical information about the most popular and often collected amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates. For each animal there is advice on housing your pet and maintaining a healthy environment for it, dietary needs and suitable food, handling and common behaviour characteristics.

Collins Exotic Pet Handbook

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