‘The Autobiography of a Flea’ was initally published in 1887, and inspired a film directed by one of the first female pornographic directors from the 1970s. Starring the inimitable John C Holmes, it is recognised as a classic example of the x-rated genre.

Can men of the cloth ever escape temptation?

A young maiden, Bella, and her boyfriend Charlie consummate their passion under the moonlight, shrouded in petticoats. Little do they know that someone has been watching them – a priest – who blackmails Bella over the sight he has witnessed, enslaving her into a world of sexual subservience.

‘The Autobiography of a Flea’ is narrated by the smallest voyeur of them all, who uses his size to avenge Bella's misfortune, revealing the sordid details of a priest's inner sanctum.

The Autobiography of a Flea (Harper Perennial Forbidden Classics)

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