Watch Seiko Prospex SUN023 Kinetic GMT Divers Man

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Watch Seiko Prospex SUN023 Kinetic GMT Divers Man

Product ID: 3268

Condition: New
  • Black Polyurethane strap
  • Stainless-steel case, Black dial
  • Japanese automatic movement
  • Case diameter: 48mm
  • Water resistant: 200m

Original Product Guaranteed - Imported from USA

NUMBER OF SWINGS AND POWER RESERVE 1. When the watch stops completely, or if you find the second hand moving at two-second intervals, swing the watch from side to side at a rate of twice a second. 2. 250 swings will reserve up to 1 day of power. The second hand will start moving at one-second intervals. * It is recommended that the watch be swung further until 2 days of power is reserved. As a guideline of recharging, additional 250 swings, about 500 swings in total will reserve 2 days of power. 3. Wear the watch on your wrist NOTES FOR USING THE WATCH HOW TO CHARGE AND START THE WATCH - To charge the rechargeable battery efficiently, swing the watch from side to side, making an arc of about 20 cm. - No additional benefit is obtained by swinging the watch more quickly or with greater vigor. - The watch is equipped with a system to prevent overcharge. Even if it is further swung after being fully charged, no malfunction will result. - The watch is equipped with an instant-start function, and it may start operating after it is swung several times. For details, see "INSTANT-START FUNCTION" (on the instruction manual included) - It is not necessary to charge the watch fully, as it is charged automatically while it is worn on your wrist. - Wear the watch daily for at least 10 hours. - Even when the watch is worn on your arm, it will not be charged if your arm is not in motion. *For further details please read the instruction manual included.

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