Shock Doctor V-Flex Ankle Brace, Black, Large
Shock Doctor V-Flex Ankle Brace, Black, Large
Shock Doctor V-Flex Ankle Brace, Black, Large

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Shock Doctor V-Flex Ankle Brace, Black, Large

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Condition: New
  • BEST SUPPORT -- Lightweight fiber reinforced molded plastic provides superior support. Bio-mechanical inner/outer hinge position properly aligns with ankle and ergonomic medial/lateral contoured supports fit lower leg naturally
  • MOTION and COMFORT – Our V-Flex low friction hinge offers unrestricted range of motion. Integrated strap guide maintains correct, low profile strap position
  • LEFT or RIGHT FOOT – Reversible left/right foot asymmetrical low-profile design
  • SHOCK DOCTOR GUARANTY – We have been a leader in the protective gear and sports therapy field for 20 years. Our continual innovation is trusted by professional athletes, college athletes, and most importantly, by millions of users around the worl

Original Product Guaranteed - Imported from USA

The V-Flex Ankle Brace is a new hinged ankle brace that is ergonomically, structurally and physiologically designed to fit better, be more comfortable and improve the range of stability and support against the stresses that occur on the court, field or play, or in everyday use.

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