The Case File: Attorney Package

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The Case File: Attorney Package

Book: CD-ROM 01 - 01 - 2012

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CD-ROM : 120 Pages

ISBN-10 : 0942369025

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"The Case FileAttorney Package" is an internal case management tool set up to work with all types of law and is not specialty specific. It works for criminal or civil, family or corporate, tax or tort, plaintiff or defendant, and is indispensable for law office and case management. Details: The Attorney Package consists of three integrated workbooks organized for working each aspect of a case: The Investigative File: Just as the Attorney Package is set up to work any case, the Investigative file is set up to work any investigation. The Investigative file is included because many times the attorney’s office has to do its own investigative work. Or, if you rely on outside investigators, this will allow for thoroughness and standardization of the information they gather for you. More details about this file are available on the Investigator Package page. The Case Workbook: The case workbook acts as the central coordinator for all data related to the case and the client. This section tracks all client background information and documentation; gameplanning, theory, and "to do lists"; opposing client and counsel data; background and discovery; witnesses interrogatories and depositions; case law and statutory law research; time and expense billing; calendaring, communication, and correspondence; filings, motions, pleadings, and inter-office communication; clerical activity and case conclusion checklists; and more. The Trial Notebook: The trial notebook takes up where the Case Workbook leaves off. It tracks everything from trial brief, neutral statements, and opening statements, through judge background info, juror background info and voir dire; objections, motions, and orders; witness data tracking and testimony planning; and evidence and exhibit tracking; to summation, jury instructions, adjudication, final disposition, appeals, and MUCH more! Can be Customized and Reprinted from CD: All sections are included on CD in word processor files that will allow you to add your letterhead, alter and customize forms, and to print out as many copies of The Case File as your office desires. Or, you can print out select sections and incorporate them into any existing system you may already have. In addition, the CD contains an interactive links collection to over 3,700 legal and investigative websites, and a simple invoicing file written in Microsoft Excel. All You'll Ever Need: This system standardizes data gathering for the large firm and greatly improves efficiency for the solo practitioner. It’s all you’ll ever need to buy from us as you make your own "refills" and your own upgrades. Economically Priced: "The Case File" will last the lifetime of your firm as it has the flexibility to grow with you and mold itself to the kind of law you practice; yet it costs less than the national average attorney’s rate for ONE HOUR of work! How many hours will it save you?

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