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Tween 80 (Polyoxyethylenesorbitan, Monooleate), 500 Milliliters

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Tween 80 (Polyoxyethylenesorbitan, Monooleate), 500 Milliliters

Product ID: 4069239

Condition: New


  • Product is sold for research or further manufacturing use only, not for food or drug use.
  • CAS Number: 9005-65-6
  • Common Name: Polyoxyethylenesorbitan, Monooleate

Original Product Guaranteed – Imported from USA

Fatty acid compostion: Oleic acid approximately 70% Balance primarily linoleic; palmitic and stearic acids. Substance Name: Polyoxyethylenesorbitan monooleate CAS Number: 9005-65-6

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