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TCI America: 3'-Chloroindophenol Sodium Salt, C0188-1G
TCI America: 3'-Chloroindophenol Sodium Salt, C0188-1G

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TCI America: 3'-Chloroindophenol Sodium Salt, C0188-1G

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  • CAS: 41350-02-1 / Molecular Formula: C12H7ClNNaO2
  • MDL Number: MFCD00059876
  • Laboratory research chemicals & materials
  • Fulfilled by the supplier, TCI America
  • TCI chemicals are for research and not intended for human or animal use.

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Chemical Name: 3'-Chloroindophenol Sodium Salt [Redox Indicator]
CAS: 41350-02-1
MDL Number: MFCD00059876
Molecular Formula: C12H7ClNNaO2
Molecular Weight: 255.63
Storage Temperature (degC): 15-25 degC

Synonyms: Benzenone-indo-3'-chlorophenol Sodium Salt, o-Chlorophenol-indophenol Sodium Salt, Sodium Benzenone-indo-3'-chlorophenol
Product Categories: Analytical Chemistry, Titration Reagents, Indicators for Titration

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