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Quadratic Precipitant- Reagent (chemically pure) grade - 1 lb. bag

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Quadratic Precipitant- Reagent (chemically pure) grade - 1 lb. bag

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  • It is both odorless and non-toxic, and possesses an unlimited shelf life.
  • It precipitates in heavy, shiny, flake form, making rinsing and decanting much easier and faster, avoiding inadvertent losses of gold during rinsing that are so common when using virtually every other precipitant.
  • Quadratic precipitates gold of at least 99.95%+ purity.
  • Comes with complete instructions for precipitating pure gold and a link to free and complete instructions for the entire gold refining process.

Original Product Guaranteed – Imported from USA

A unique, patent pending, blend of reagent grade chemicals and used to precipitate pure gold, developed. Quadratic, a unique product that has been in development for over a decade, possesses all of the qualities refiners sought but could never find. One pound of precipitant is required for each pound of metal that is being refined (other contents such as plastic, ceramic, etc. do not count).

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