1A Games Tide of Iron - Next Wave
1A Games Tide of Iron - Next Wave
1A Games Tide of Iron - Next Wave

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1A Games Tide of Iron - Next Wave

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Condition: New
  • Action-based game play with opportunity fire#44; close assault#44; combined fire#44; and more.
  • Modular#44; double-sided map boards for nearly limitless combinations that promote re-playability.
  • Hundreds of detailed#44; historically accurate plastic figures.
  • squads for flexible tactics.
  • Historical scenarios that determine the forces for each side#44; the map board layout#44; victory conditions#44;and

Original Product Guaranteed – Imported from USA

The of Iron: Next Wave is a board game of squad-level World War Two tactical combat introduced by Fantasy Flight Games in 2006 and licensed to 1A Games in 2013. It features historical authenticity and superb production values. The starting point into the series is the Tide of Iron: Next Wave Core Set that includes American and German forces that fought from D-Day across northwest Europe in 1944 - 1945. Expansions add plastic pieces representing soldiers, vehicles, and weapons of other nations, new map boards, special rules, plus new scenarios, strategy cards, markers, and tokens.

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