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FINIS Adult Freestyler Hand Paddles (Yellow)
FINIS Adult Freestyler Hand Paddles (Yellow)
FINIS Adult Freestyler Hand Paddles (Yellow)
FINIS Adult Freestyler Hand Paddles (Yellow)

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FINIS Adult Freestyler Hand Paddles (Yellow)

Product ID: 88923

Condition: New
  • IMPROVED SWIM TECHNIQUE: Improves body position by streamlining hand entry and eliminating crossover; Designed specifically for freestyle training
  • INCREASES STRENGTH: Provides added resistance in order to build muscle
  • HYDRODYNAMIC DESIGN: Surfboard shape decreases resistance through the water and planes the hand forward, lengthening each stroke
  • INSTANT FEEDBACK: Patented skeg on the bottom of the paddle provides immediate stroke feedback, streamlining and straightening hand entry
  • REDUCES SHOULDER STRESS: Prevents hand entry crossover that causes shoulder injury

Original Product Guaranteed – Imported from USA

Designed specifically for freestyle training, the Freestyler Paddles from FINIS plane your hand forward through the water, improving reach and distance-per-stroke. With a surfboard shape and unique skeg design, the Freestyler Paddles promote a strong pull through, better hip-rotation and increased efficiency. The adjustable finger strap offers a perfect fit and the narrow surface area helps prevent shoulder strain.

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